Our Success!

Things have really been really well with Ygender.

Our social event this month was a board games day on the rooftop of a building, we had some nice chats and also recorded an audio voxpop asking the question: “What are the issues facing trans*/genderqueer youth?”. We have a 10 minuet long voxpop addressing issues that majority believe could be decreased through education and financial assisstance in our public health system. People have given permission for the voxpop to be uploaded on this website…and it may also be played at a special event next month called ‘Queer Youth Speak Out!’.

Last month our social event was a Fundraiser event at Neverwhere…we raised a decent amount of $$ that should keep us going for a while until we receive funding to achieve more projects and make investments to grow more. Example: Produce and sell t-shirts designed by people who attend events.

Lee has suggested a third monthly event in addition to our monthly project meeting and monthly social event. It may be titled ‘Discussion Group’ and set up like a discussion group, a lot like our project meetings but instead of discussing projects, people can talk about themselves!

There are also 7 or 8 projects early in the planning currently being worked on by individuals and small groups. Here is a link to our latest project Ygender[queer] a tumblr dedicated to celebrating Genderqueer culture and all the positives about being Genderqueer (Project Leader: Adam).

Thank you for being interested in our recent success!