Courage Unfolds: LGBT activism in Asia

The Freedom Socialist Party is hosting a very special premiere film screening next

Courage Unfolds: LGBT activism in Asia

Courage Unfolds is an exciting new documentary produced by the International Gay and
Lesbian Human Rights Commission and the Lesbian Activism Project of the Philippines.
But this documentary is not a film to passively consume — it’s an organising tool!

Highlighting the struggles and triumphs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
(LGBT) activists in Asia, the film is a tool for social change. It is a call to LGBT
people in Asia to use the Yogyakarta Principles — a set of international legal
principles relating to sexual orientation and gender identity that came out of a
2006 summit on LGBT rights held in Indonesia — to campaign for enhanced rights.

Courage Unfolds had its New York premiere on June 7, 2011. This screening will be
the Melbourne premiere.

Alison Thorne, Melbourne Branch Organiser for the Freedom Socialist Party and a
veteran activist for LGBT liberation will introduce the film. Thorne has a special
interest in struggles in the Asian region, authoring a piece in the current Freedom
Socialist newspaper, Two steps forward, one step back: the campaign for queer rights
in Indonesia:

The film will be followed by a free-wheeling discussion about what’s needed to win
LGBT rights everywhere!

Sunday 14 August, 5:00 pm
Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick
To get there by public transport, take the Upfield train to Anstey station or the
North Coburg tram to Stewart Street, stop 25. There’s also plenty of free parking at
the rear — enter from Staley Street.

An Asian inspired dinner, with a vegetarian option, will be served after the meeting
for a $10 donation.

Hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party, PO Box 308, Brunswick 3056.
For more information call 9388-0062 or email [email protected]

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