Resource Directory / Welcome to YGender

Here is the latest version of our Resource Directory and Welcome Booklet (31.03.2013). There are hard copies at our events (1st-3rd Wednesday Evening’s each month).
Unfortunately it took a while to get these books printed and there are some parts that will soon need to be updated, e.g. terminology is already out dated in the book but updated on our website… if you have any feedback email it to [email protected] or tell the committee anonymously via when the book is updated all the feedback will be used at once.
Nevertheless, it’s a step forward so if you are looking for some sort of assistance YGender doesn’t provide or want to know more about how YGender is run, it says it in the book :)


Ambulance, Fire, Police – 000

Suicide Callback Service – 1300 659 467
Professional telephone counselling support to people impacted by suicide or suicidal thoughts and who are unable to access supports. Up to six 50min telephone counselling sessions provided.

Victorian Suicide Line – 1300 651 251

Lifeline – 13 11 14

Poisons Information Service – 13 11 26

Child Protection Crisis Line – 13 12 78
Concerns about child abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

YSAS (Youth Substance Abuse Service) – 1800 014 446

Nurse on Call – 1300 606 024
Immediate expert health information and advice from a registered nurse

Direct Line – 1800 888 236
Drug and Alcohol issues for affected people, their family and friends

CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) – 1800 806 292
Information, advocacy & services for victims of sexual assault, their family & friends

Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service – 1800 015 188 / 9322 3555
Information, support, referral & access to emergency accommodation/refuge for women subjected to domestic violence in Victoria

Translating & Interpreting Service – 13 14 50
Over 130 Languages

Getting Urgent Help – Factsheet

What’s on in March 2013 – YGender’s Calender

06/03/13 Monthly “Creative Space” (Tomorrow!)
For Creative Space a volunteer meets people at Melbourne Central train station under the clock between 5:30-5:45. They walk to the venue as a group, or if you have attended many events before and know the way you can meet us at the venue at 6:00. When we arrive there is food (trying to find a Gluten Free pizza shop) and Robyn is there waiting. Robyn is an external art therapist that facilitates calming/enjoyable art activities. People can chat, or people can keep to themselves, either way the purpose is to do art individually at the same time

09/03/13 International Women’s Day “Multi-Issue Contingent”
Earlier in the year the YGender Committee decided to endorse the idea of the multi-issue contingent at the IWD march in Melbourne. We support this initiative because there are many minority groups who can still advocate their recommendations by bringing along placards/signs and marching together in the multi-issue section. It allows less people to be left behind, and it allows representation for more recommendations. Participating brings potential to further educate people and creating visibility for the GLBTIQ populations’ needs/ rights and equity messages etc.

Chillout Festival (this weekend)
Callout for people to help YGender Fundraiser BBQ at Chillout ( by tomorrow evening (message us). Sean says “I have room in my car for 2 more…you’ll get free accommodation at Chillout, free food…I am leaving [this] Thursday night. There will be a BBQ Friday and Saturday [if we take you, you need to help run this BBQ] and then on Sunday we might take part in the Pride March. So it’s well worth your while to get involved…” and there is a lift back early arvo Sunday. Anyone going to Chillout who wants to come up to the BBQ to help out is appreciated :-) because there is only 2 of us behind it currently

13/03/13 Monthly Coffee Evening/“Intro” (6:00pm)
MOSTLY FOR PEOPLE ATTENDING FOR FIRST TIME TO BE WELCOMED Interested in coming to Y Gender events but don’t know where to start? This is pretty much it. Nice atmosphere, nice people, and free coffee/hot chocolates. Meet at Fed Square at 6pm near the 7-Eleven, then we’ll head off to go get some coffee and hang out. Look out for Bailey and Ralph Octy (the blue octopus), he’s usually on someone’s head, so come up and say hi!

15/03/13 An invitation to the WayOut Youth Camp in April has been extending to anyone involved in the YGender group. To attend, all forms are due back by 15 March and can be sent via mail, email or  even photographed and sent via facebook/email. Anyone over 21 can register as a  volunteer by signing a form. For more info email Mez; [email protected] (and feel free to CC [email protected], if you can’t afford $30 but want to go – we could work something out. There are fun plans for the camp, and it is great for people who want to meet new people in a safe/friendly environment.

20/03/13 Monthly Discussion Group
We usually meet under the big Melbourne Central clock and traveling to the venue together. Lee is usually at the clock evening time wearing a black Heart Your Trans* shirt. After travelling to the venue, or people meeting us directly there we are welcome to have some free food and then sit on a bean bad in the circle. The facilitator (always a peer) asks a question, and if people want to answer the question they can …after some time passes the question creates discussion and people can talk to who they want to about something that interests them. Meet up time and Topic/Question TBA

23/03/13 Free Movie
YGender have 30 tickets to “Queeries 3” at Melbourne Queer Film Festival to give away for FREE! More Details: Contact: Message your name and whether you need 1 ticket or 2 to Micky [email protected]

Jan 2013 Calender!

Wed 9th Jan – Intro/Coffee – Meet at Fed Square at 6pm on the 9th, we’ll be around the 7-11. look out for Ralph the octopus. Then we’ll head off and get coffee, or ice cream, or something like that. We highly recommend this event to be your first event if you have never been before :)
RSVP is very helpful so the organiser can look out for you, email [email protected]


Sun 13th Jan – Drop by as long as you want Between 11am-5pm, we will be at midumma Carnival within the youth space (“speakers corner”) having a picnic! Some blankets, pillow and food will be supplied by Ygender – but please bring a picnic blanket and food if you can. Let’s make it an awesome one :)

If you have been attending a while, pop over to the stall “H11+H12” where we will share with Seahorse/ZBGC/and TransGender Victoria an information stall where we can promote Ygender.


Wed 16th Jan – Discussion Group (facilitated by Allyx this month), topic for this month TBA


Wed 23rd Jan – Creative Space (usually on the 1st Wed of each month, but for Jan it is on the 23rd). Robyn, an external facilitator facilitates fun and relaxing art activities for anyone interested in participating. But this time we are invited to her amazing studio which is at the Abbotsford Convent (near Lentils as Anything).

Meet us between 5:30pm-5.45pm at VICTORIA PARK RAILWAY STATION at the bottom of the ramp on the side of the servostation (on the South Morang and Hurstbridge Lines). or be at the Address at 6pm: 1 St Heliers Street, Melbourne VIC 3067 (someone will meet you at the front Gate).  RSVP is very helpful so the organiser can look out for you, email [email protected]


Sat 26th Jan – Due date for expression of interest of the new volunteer positions within Ygender ([email protected])


What Happened: 2012

YGender Turns 2:
Another year has passed and now YGender is 2 years old! Recently we had our 2nd Birthday/Xmas dinner on Lygon Street, ~40 people attended. The night ended with a short speech after sitting together for dinner and chatting to those at the tables. The brief speech by Sim acknowledged that we have done a lot in 2012, we have some new great plans for 2013, the current committee members till early December were thanked (Lee, Bailey, Micky, Allyx, Sean, Lucy and Sim), and lastly it was acknowledged that YGender has over time developed and assisted community …although what people benefit from most is meeting eachother and as a collective we form a community to turn to in a variety of ways unlike before YGender’s monthly program begun.

Collaborations/Assisting develop a documentary:
This year a few of the YGender committee members took the time to meet requests of outside organisations, such as; guest speaking, having input on media articles, speaking at launches to endorse projects, creating awareness on radio and training professionals/university students in the health sector. After recently adding up these collaborations with multiple organisations for a number of different type of audiences; YGender has collaborated over 30 times this year. We are glad to have participated and are now looking into developing a documentary that articulates the messages that often came from these collaborations. We hope to work on this docco over the next year after creating a new voluntary position of Media Project Director within YGender. This way we are less restricted to create more awareness/education about Sex & Gender Diverse people in Australia and will be able to spread our education further with the DVD developed.

Recent Internal Organising Changes:
-Some existing positions that are now vacant are: Secretary and Treasurer (although if there are no nominations for Treasurer, the current one will continue).
-A range of new positions have been created recently (Vice-President filled in September, and brand new positions soon to be advertised as vacant: Online Manager, Media Project Director, Co-President, and a range of people to help with some casual small tasks for large events and guest speaking).
-Some of the board roles (office bearer positions also have operational roles that organise Ygender’s monthly program), therefore we have been meeting all together once a month as a committee. The new change is that we are aiming for the board positions to meet additionally for governance tasks, the committee to meet to talk specifically about the objective/goal to provide/continue the monthly program whilst chaired by the Co-President (1).
-The current position of President who has been the chair for both operational and governance meetings will be split in to two so the two future co-presidents do less operational tasks each although still can commit more to their simplified role. With this role divided another new working group that helps community/peer projects and working bee days will be organised outside of the existing monthly program by Co-President 2.
-YGender began youth led and organised because in 2010 when the first organisers sought professionals support to run a pilot program we were told by most organisations at the time that they did not have the capacity to assist with the organising or to work with a group associated with risks. YGender received some assistance through initial small donations, a space to operate, plus advertising assistance although for the commitment of organising everything YGender has done, we did not have the option but to provide for our target group what was needed ourselves. We acknowledge youth GLBTI social support projects and projects organised by numerous organisations may be inclusive and assist the Sex & Gender Diverse Population, however SGD youth still have differing recommendations as a cohort for our Health & Wellbeing needs that are differing from the wider Same Sex Attracted segment of the community, therefore after we have developed as an organisation and so has our volunteers, the new change is: YGender is re-evaluating our place and what is most effective for our working groups to achieve as the voice advocating for SGD young people where they are currently left behind. And because we had to be youth led, we tried to claim that although we are abolishing that agreement (at least for now, in 2013) because we need more allies and assistance in some ways (the new agreement is that YGender committees/working groups/board needs a 50% youth minimum).

Some 2012 Committee Accomplishments:
-Providing all Monthly Discussion Groups as planned, topics included:
How do people feel about prosthetics, Gender Stereotypes and how they make us feel, Being Stealth and wether we feel it’s important to be visible within the wider community about gender, Emotional Impact hormones have on us, Focus groups, Sexuality and hormones, Coming out to family/friends/partners, Mental Health and how we cope with Gender Dysphoria, Regrets and poor choices we made throughout or pre-empting transition/how we would rather do things and what we learnt from our mistakes…
-Promoted positive living by organising our events with models that empower people to take action over their health and wellbeing. We transformed our Project Space when it was ready into an Art Therapy space, we are updating our resource directory, assisting establish a yoga group, and committee show an ongoing action of recommending the appropriate/SGD friendly-inclusive services to people at discussion groups/through our mailinglists and closed facebook group or in conversations about transitions/questioning as we are involved along the way
-There was a monthly Project/Creative Space and a monthly Intro/Coffee evening every single month this year! Each of the 4 events, each month brings in a crowd averaging to 14 people with different people attending according to what they want/need
-We organised 5 social events including: Lunches, Dinners, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Movies Day and also promoted 6 externally organised events which we promoted through our networks for people to meet and attend as a group
-We supported TransGender Victoria’s Submission RE: SGD youth homelessness, and the 3 recommendations for Victoria (State Level) proposed to Department of Health in May which are: Core Annual Funding to ZBGC, For Transition Related Surgeries to be allowed and provided in public hospital, and assistance to the Gender Dysphoria Clinic to support the previous recommendation
-We organised an event for Transgender Day of Remembrance when there was no other publicly advertised event on the day and we supported the Hares & Hyena’s spoken word event acknowledging TDOR a couple days later

Thank-you to the 2012 YGender Committee Members/Board:
All this was done, thanks to our small voluntary committee who have each shown resilience, teamwork, leadership, and facilitate the Monthly Program with a great attitude/positive regard toward people that attend/participate. We do feel like at times that it has been difficult because it hurts to see the injustice, discrimination and effect of oppression and pathologisation without holistic healthcare for our peers and ourselves. But to try and contribute positive to the SGD community, it is definitely worth the leadership journey and commitment. And now with 2012 ending it’s exciting to see what YGender will organise in 2013 with some new process and more positions.

Update (Term 3) 2012

YGender has gone through some changes behind the scenes. After some helpful volunteering from committee, the majority have been continuing on for over a year, while a couple have done some great work and moved on. Plus a couple new portfolios have been created to assist with requests/tasks falling through loop holes and getting left behind.

Lately we messaged all the people who liked Ygender or added Ygender on facebook up until September. We wanted to make contact with the people who we have not met yet, some live in other states, some people want to support, some people will soon attend and by making contact we have also found some potentially new committee members. We made some closed facebook groups to protect people privacy and have the same updates that go through our mailinglist go through our network via closed facebook groups too.

We used last Project Space to collaborate with a resource being developed for professionals to assist best practice with Sex &/or Gender Diverse people in the health/youth/community sector(s), YGender President is doing this research project through their work placement.

This next upcoming Project Space we will begin to get back into the habbit of calling it ‘Creative Space’, as we have not don’t much creative projects as planned. Not too late, so we will roll out the projects as part of the creative theme. Hopefully we can put on an art exibition in the future (next year) where people beyond the SGD communities will attend and learn a thing or two about gender, plus enjoy the art display.

This month we are creating a new closed facebook group to protect people’s privacy and encourage more discussion between events. Certain people are drawn to certain events, so although we so many event each month many people do not end up meeting in person because they don’t end up crossing paths. People may know be able to put a face to a name by seeing eachother in the group. (We will still have our mailinglist, although we think that the facebook group serving a similar purpose to the mailinglist will be more active)

This month we will finally dug more in to the budget (HEY Grant) to buy art supplies! And we also have a TV now, to occassionally organise movie events and play music at events.

Recent guest speaking we have done include visiting Peninsula Pride – Queer Straight Alliance, Monash University (Clayton), Equal Marriage Rally in Sydney, Generation Next on Joy 94.9, Out of the Pan on 3CR, and collaborating with some other projects by sending members/volunteers to sit with committees and volunteer. Busy as always and unfortunately, plus YGender is 100% voluntary sometimes we couldn’t fill all requests to provide guest speaking, we hope to attend the couple opurtunities we missed soon. The big upcoming talk one of our volunteers will talk at is at the National Safe School Symposium.

January – WHAT’S ON!

Ygender Creative Project Space!

Wednesday 4th 5pm at the {also} Foundation

We will be making banners for Midsumma

 “Premier Event: The 17th Annual Pride March. Join your fellow LGBT community and those who support us in a show of solidarity and diversity as we march down Fitzroy Street in the 17th Annual Pride March Victoria. The celebration then continues into the night at Catani Gardens”

AND creating some sing-song ideas (instruments provided!)

Snacks/drinks provided.

Bring: Ygender pride, your musical instruments, chillout music, your favourite childhood teddy bear, BYO laughter (optional), your creative energy!

Also there will be time to: Create your warm n fuzzy box if you have not done so, read/write warm n fuzzies, fill out the fun “What I like To Snack On During Project Space” Survey, fill out the “How I want to be involved in Project Space” Survey

For extra directions or information contact



Ygender Intro Catchup!

Wednesday 11th 6pm

On the second week of each month, a few people from Ygender go out for a casual coffee to explain what Ygender is all about for people interested in getting involved.

Please email [email protected] for more information =)



Midsumma Carnival

Sunday 15th 11am till 6pm at Birrarung Marr


We will have a stall set up from 11am-6pm, look for our flag and come visit!

There’s also a Community Picnic on (time TBA)



Wednesday 18th at 5pm

Discussion Group

We will be having our monthly Discussion Group 6pm till 8pm at Drummond Street Services.

Meeting earlier at 5pm Melbourne Central to travel to Drummond Street together.



Sunday 29th 5pm at Hares and Hyenas Book Shop

Rapid Fire: Freshly Squeezed ($6 conc/$15 Full)

So, you are under 25 and you’ve never read any of your work before in public. Or maybe you have, and the experience was a bit traumatic. Or else, you are just really good at reading in public and want every opportunity to get your work heard.

Rapid Fire has presented about 30 times since the first Rapid Fire in 1995. The recipe is simple: give 12 writers six minutes each to read, with the order drawn from a hat on the night; and ensure that merciless writer-wranglers are on hand to get them off the stage quickly if they go over time. This formula provides the perfect platform for writers to refine, condense and edit a story, while providing ample time to display their literary brilliance. A win for writers and the audience alike.

We are looking for poets, writers, bloggers, zine makers, in fact anyone with an opinion they want to share or a story to tell.  Poems, prose, songs and even rants about something that’s important to you all welcome!  The six minutes is for you to use in any creative fashion. You can even have use of a data projector and not even speak if everything you want to say can be said in pictures or visual text.

The audience are very forgiving. It’s only six minutes out of their lives, even if it feels much longer to you.  Also, each writer will receive at least $30 for their six minutes.

To help you have the best possible experience, we also offer feedback on your story if you send it to us a week before the event. During this process we will make sure the story fits within six minutes, give you some feedback about the power of the story and how it might work in a performance setting. We’d even make suggestions about places where you might want to pause if it was going to give the story better impact. Of course, you don’t have to use this service, if you don’t want to.

For event details please visit Hares and Hyena’s website. This event is supported by Minus18 and YGender.  Please contact [email protected] or (03) 9495 6589 for details.

Please contact [email protected] or (03) 9495 6589 for details.

The End of 2011 Update

So much has been happening in the last two months! Some very special things actually.

Our very own Sim went to NSW to join in a Sex & Gender Diverse Conference, speak with Wear it Purple at the 1Love Conference and join in on the Marriage Equality Rally in Sydney with over 10, 000 in attendance.

Ygender and community allies are working with Resistance (youth led organisation) to form a Sexuality, Sex & Gender Diverse Collective for activism work. The collective is for rainbow youth, young women and allies. The collective will be doing activism work against homophobia, transphobia and sexism.

We elected our first committee after we formed a constitution about how Ygender will operate now that it has grown again. With our amazing committee of 7 people volunteering each month we provide for our members/community a creative project space, monthly discussion group, social event each month as well as other oppurtunities that pop up.

Minus18 have included us in their new resource called “OMG I’m Queer” (not yet released) which many people behind the scenes are speaking highly of and Annie from Rainbow Network came along to one of our meetings to plan a brochure about Gender Diversity in 2012.

It’s almost 2012 and Ygender began over a year ago now, it has been a huge year….great things like this usually don’t just happen, it has required great qualities and skills like team work, leadership, trust, patience, communication and passion. Around 20 people played apart in developing our constitution and we’re ready for 2012 bigger and better than ever.

Earlier this month we celebrated our First Birthday and had a party. It was fun, photo are up on facebook :)

January is going to be heaps of fun, we will have a stall at Midsumma Carnival, hold our usual monthly events and march at Pride March (there are many community events on in January we support and will promote in another post very soon).

Adjournment: Gender diversity services – funding

Adjournment: Gender diversity services – funding


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) — My adjournment matter is for the attention of the Minister for Health and relates to the issues concerning sex and gender-diverse (SGD) people. SGD is a term used to refer to many sex and gender identities other than male or female, including transgender. Ygender is a group established in December 2010 with which I have met, along with TransGender Victoria, to discuss various issues relating to the SGD community. Ygender organises events and provides a range of programs based around the needs and interests of SGD people up to the age of 30. The programs developed have been youth led and organised voluntarily to intervene despite the lack of resources. Twenty-eight per cent of SGD youth who participated in the 2010 research study headed ‘Writing Themselves in 3′ have attempted suicide.

This year Ygender organised Victoria’s largest-ever event to acknowledge the international Transgender Day of Remembrance, held on Sunday, 20 November, which I attended. This day exists to remember those who have died from anti-transgender violence. There are 955 murders documented on the Transgender Day of Remembrance website, with 221 murders reported this year. The day included performances by transgender musicians Jade Starr and Paige Phoenix. Representatives from Ygender, TransGender Victoria, and Seahorse Victoria Inc spoke about SGD issues, including statistics of terrible murders and hate crimes against transgender people. A minute’s silence was observed at 4.00 p.m. to pay respects to those who have lost their lives as a result of either murder or suicide.

Issues raised that the SGD community would like the government to address include financial support for the expansion of the services provided by the Southern Health Gender Dysphoria Clinic, including an increase in funding to extend the opening hours from two days per week to three days to reduce the waiting periods and lists for clinic patients; to enable the clinic to produce a long-term plan addressing physiological rather than purely psychological health management; to enable the clinic to produce, in conjunction with transgender groups, a long-term plan to assist disadvantaged patients to become socially and financially secure; to assist the clinic in developing, again in conjunction with transgender groups, a financial assistance plan to support the medical transition of financially disadvantaged patients; and to assist in establishing the availability of surgical procedures for transgender women and men in the Victorian public health system.

Transgender people also require the law to be amended regarding the change of sex or gender on official documents, especially birth certificates, so surgical intervention is no longer a requirement. The results of having documentation that differs from a person’s self-identified gender can create distress that damages mental health and could also out people unnecessarily, potentially creating risks to their physical safety.

My request to the minister is that he meets with representatives of Ygender and TransGender Victoria to discuss the issues that they have raised, and I am happy to facilitate that meeting.


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